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Since the early months of 2020 the Corona virus has increased our awareness of anxiety, fear and panic. With isolation, loneliness and loss increasing daily it is imperative that we know who we are – as a Christian I believe it is knowing who we are in Christ that helps us recognize our sources of strength and comfort. Such knowledge enables us to help others, who may or may not have a faith, find their sources of strength and comfort. I hope that my book Salt In A Secular Society and The Salt Cellar blog will provide some light during these strange and challenging times.

We all need to feel part of our community, to be able to speak and know that we are listened to, to know that we matter. Never has there been a greater need for salt in our society than now.

My hope for this blog is that readers will find comfort, sustenance or at least suggestions to help them to be salt – not merely coping but living and not merely living but living life to the full!

Those who are interested further may like to buy my book: Salt in a Secular Society.

The Book

In today’s complex society, we are bombarded with messages and instructions about ‘beliefs’, ‘self-help’ models, social media influences, fashion, all of which compete for our attention.
As Christians we are charged with ‘being salt’ but what does that mean in today’s world?
This book provides practical advice and exercises, ending each chapter with discussion points and challenges, to help individuals or groups to address this fundamental issue.

About Me

Jacki Thomas

Jacki Thomas lives in Windsor, Berkshire in the South of England. After graduating she worked in market research. Marriage and a growing family interrupted her career and she trained as a lay minister in the Church of England, being licenced in 1991.

Many years in Hospital Chaplaincy, fourteen years as a Hospice Chaplain, twenty-five years as a Spiritual Director plus an MTh and a doctorate which researched Spirituality from the Hospice chaplain’s perspective have given her a wealth of experience from which to choose stories to illustrate this book. Some stories will shock, some amuse and some are simply poignant.

Hoping to provide a simple resource to help Christians to improve their saltiness in today’s world she was delighted to be told by those who describe themselves as ‘non-religious’ that they too found the book helpful.

Jacki Thomas

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Salt In A Secular Society

We cannot become salt by ourselves

My hope is that people will realize that our society needs salt and explore how they can be salt. The difficulty is that we cannot become salt by ourselves, nor can we be made salt by any other aspect of creation. I believe that we need the love of God, shown in the life of Jesus, to become the salt that our world needs.

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