Trinity Sunday

Tomorrow is Trinity Sunday. Many people find the concept of the Trinity hard to understand.  The problem I suggest is that we live in a binary world where everything is either / or, yes / no,  this/ that. 

It is a world of opposites:  stay/ go.  Up/ down.  You/me or us/them.

And all our technology is built on the binary system. This is how we understand the world – we have imposed our limited binary understanding on it in order to make sense – or at least we think we are making sense of it.  We think we’ve evened things out – or levelled up but…our world is not even or fair, justice and mercy are in short supply…

But God is not binary.  God is tertiary: three persons.  When we take our place at the table of the Trinity those three persons offer us all we need to live in this uneven binary world.  They provide us with all that we need on our spiritual journey, and it is a journey.  This is not a once in a lifetime event but an on-going experience.  If we are afraid of losing our identity we soon learn that, rather than losing, we are gaining.  We are becoming who we are meant to be. We are transformed – oh dear, that means change!  But it is ok to say to Jesus  ‘let my life be yours, and yet let it still be me.’  

Jesus redeems us and brings us into the Father’s presence.  There we find not judgement, not condemnation but grace, love, stability, significance and security. By the power of the Holy Spirit we receive what we need to live in our uneven world.  

Look at the picture of the three-legged stool above. On an uneven floor four legs would wobble, two legs would fall over.  Three legs are perfect for our uneven world!

The Father nourishes us, the Son redeems us and the Holy Spirit guides us. Praise all three on Trinity Sunday!

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