Fully human, fully alive…

Being fully human, fully alive is a spiritual awakening.  Like seeing with new eyes, hearing with fresh ears.  No longer blinkered or restricted by circumstances or what we have been taught or led to believe.  We are no longer closed but open to the marvels of creation in nature. We have woken up to our world.

However, waking up does not stop there.  When we wake up spiritually we become aware or more aware of the events in the world around us.  More aware of the effect that disasters have on people.  More sensitive to the inhumanity of one group to another, one individual to another.  

When we are spiritually awake we see the suffering and our hearts break.  We are not robots and to be fully human is to have a broken heart.  If we cooperate with God, with the Holy Spirit, our broken heart is like an open door.  Not only does the break let in the suffering and pain of others but it also let’s in love – God’s love for us and, through us, God’s love for others. Our broken hearts ache for justice and for healing for those who struggle and suffer.  

We carry the ache – perhaps for the people of Afghanistan, the people of the Yemen, the peoples of the various countries of eastern Africa.  As we watch the news, read the headlines, we feel the ache but know that God is with us.  God aches for the inhumanity and longs for all people to be fully human, fully alive.  God sent his son Jesus to help all people and we share in his work as we carry the ache.  To carry the ache is to pray without ceasing

So as we reflect on the so-called opening-up of society let’s consider – and give thanks for – our spiritual awakening. May we give thanks that we are fully human, fully alive.  Let us pray that all people will be fully human, fully alive. 

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