Adjusting expectations

Adjusting our expectations as the clocks change we notice the balance of darkness and light changes.  We adjust to the fact that the quality of the light is different too.  The other day there was bright sunshine but the temperature did not match the brightness.  I had to adjust my expectations.

The COP26 conference took place amid much hype. Like the sunshine there was a lot of bright talk about agreements to reduce carbon and other gases.  But the agreements were either modified or did not happen.  We have to adjust our expectations.

Earlier this year I asked whether we were prepared to let the lifestyles of lockdown change our attitudes.  Eight months later I see that whether we were prepared or not we have changed our attitudes and adjusted our expectations.

The old markers that gave us stability are no longer reliable.  Yes, Christmas will still be on December 25th but celebrations may have to be adapted. Expectations will need adjusting due to problems with supply chains.  The mismatch of job vacancies and people needing work means disappointment for those who do not adjust their expectations.

We may not be experiencing a hurricane, an earthquake or civil war but we are experiencing a major need to adjust expectations.

Will this experience make us any more sympathetic to those who are experiencing hurricanes, earthquakes, civil war, drought, failure of the harvest?  Only time will tel. In the meantime let us be prepared to identify the expectations which we have had to adjust and be honest about how we felt and feel about them. Just how much do they matter? Did the smallest adjustments cause the greatest pain?  Are we surprised at how well we coped with large adjustments?

In a world of fluctuation adjusting our expectations is essential and needs to become the norm!  Nevertheless we have one constant on whom we can rely: our Saviour Jesus Christ who together with the Father and the Holy Spirit will help us in adjusting our expectations.

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